Vegan Pagans

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This tribe is for pagans who are vegan, and don't use/wear/eat animal products during ritual (or any other time). RSS Feed what is XML?

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Blues4Kali, chapter 1: Mahayana  review
Vegan Samhain plans...  topic
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160 groups demand end to whaling  topic
may GODDESS return ....  topic
Common Religious Excuses/Veg. issues  topic
Thanksgiving Plans...  topic
(image posted 11/14)  photo flag
(image posted 11/14)  photo flag
Using found antlers in ritual  topic
Please add photos!  topic
hunting gods, etc.  topic
Meat at public rituals  topic
pure vegan ecovillages  topic
Samhain reviews?  topic
Vegan energy alignment  topic
Loans/grants for vegans?  topic
***** Raw Vegan Nutrition, Recipes, Hea...  review
Humans becoming vegan, evolution, etc.  topic
organic farm gig in Rye NY  topic
Veganism in the work place.  topic
Festive Food Favorites  topic
vegan drums  topic

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